Texas Networking Services now has Hadoop expertise

If you are unfamiliar with Hadoop, think of what Yahoo, Google and many other “Big Data” power users have to go through to be able to reliably input, store and then deliver/use terabytes of data. Apache Hadoop is a distributed computing platform that allows companies to store larges amounts of data without breaking the bank. The model is based on lots of computers with lots of economical hard drives to form a psuedo-RAID at the cluster level. Even with as little as three servers, you can build a cluster and take advantage of its powerful open source software.
Texas Networking Services has been utilizing Hadoop since January 2012. The first project was based on performance testing where we were tasked with comparing a Java JBOSS cluster with a simple Hadoop cluster. Two Dell M1000e chassis each with 16 M600 blades were installed. Since then, another 4 clusters have been added to the performance test. The latest cluster which contains 50 Dell 2950’s running 32GB of ram and 6 2TB SATA drives each adds up to a combined 254TB.
Texas Networking Services is now offering it’s Hadoop expertise as a consulting service. We can help you get up and running faster!
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